The World's First Decentralized Affiliate Platform



Some of the worlds greatest minds are building the apps of the future based on blockchains, RefToken is here to connect those developers, with the brands and marketers that can make their projects go mainstream.

As the Ethereum DAP ecosystem expands downstream towards B2C oriented applications, a key bottleneck will emerge where companies looking to scale rapidly will need to acquire end users at a rate that is greater than the adoption of blockchain tech.

Smart contracts will establish trustless relationships between brands and affiliates, with all revenue & conversion data secured on a blockchain, allowing instant payments for completed transactions.

RefToken ICO Dashboard

Tokens will be bought by merchants and held in escrow by RefToken in order to ensure adequate funds to pay affiliates for their services. On each conversion the predetermined amount of tokens will instantly be paid into the affiliate's wallet.

RefToken ICO Dashboard

There will be review and rating system implemented on the platform to further encourage good performance. Merchant can choose which affiliates they choose to approve or deny for a deal.

RefToken ICO Dashboard

Smart contracts allow infinite flexibility limited only to the abilities of person writing the contract.

There is also the possbility for Affiliates and Merchants to re-negotiate on the terms before accepting a deal.


White Paper

08, August

Reviewed White Paper and Business Plan gets released.

Blockchain Affiliation Alliance

12, August

RefToken forms the Blockchain Affiliation Alliance (BAA) with 20 of the blockchain world’s most promising companies. The BAA is an industry body of affiliates and merchants committed to the common improvement of the sector.


1, September

Full release of our platform prototype.


2, October

A pre-ICO, offering a 100% bonus and limited to 4300ETH will run for 15 days, or until the 4300 ETH is raised


17, Nov

ICO takes place from the 17th Nov to the 17th Dec. The price increases from 100 REF/ETH to 50 REF/ETH over the 30 days.

Yellow Paper


Release of technical Yellow Paper.


Beta Release

Public Beta gets released



Full Launch Of Reftoken 1.0


REF is now trading

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