ICO Presale Announcement

Following the release of RefToken’s prototype marketing platform and the significant amount of community interest in becoming a part of the project, the team is pleased to announce the structure and details of its presale and ICO.

RefToken allows blockchain developers to connect and collaborate with marketers around the world to market their products on a pay-per-performance basis, in a transparent and trustless manner. RefToken eliminates the middle-men (such as marketing agencies and ad platforms) that centralise online marketing and eliminates the inefficiencies that arise from the current model that dominates online marketing. RefToken will be releasing a series of weekly blog posts that will illustrate in detail how it will disrupt the online marketing space.

Here is the key information at a glance:
  • Tokens Created: 50M (ERC20 compliant)
  • Funding Target: €27.7M
  • Funding options: ETH, BTC, wire transfer
  • Fund security: Multi-Sig wallet with keys held by government licensed fiduciary agents
  • Presale: starts 2nd October, ends 17th October no minimum contribution
  • Presale price: 100% Bonus limited to 4300 ETH (200 REF/ETH)
  • ICO: starts 17th November, ends 17th December
  • ICO price: 100 REF/ETH on day 1 increasing to 50 REF/ETH on day 30
  • More details here: https://reftoken.io/ico/

RefToken’s community believes that RefToken will succeed as while the current model that dominates online marketing is broken, backers and investors in projects will always push developers to grow their user base and generate higher revenues. This is often a harsh wakeup call for technology oriented teams who have little experience in marketing and will need to rely on third parties to execute this function, suffering from market inefficiencies that cost them 50% user growth every 3.8 years.

The core team has decades of experience in online gambling (on both affiliate and casino sides of the fence), RefToken was conceived bottom up as a solution to real world problems that have plagued the industry for the last 15 years, and will prove to be a classic example of blockchain tech providing an elegant solution to an old problem.

REF tokens have a real-world utility and are used to pay affiliates and fund campaigns. It is not possible to use the platform without buying REFs, ensuring that they have a real-world functional value.

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