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We are in process for several exchange listings, as soon we have confirmation the following page will be updated:

Supported Exchanges

1M REF are in circulation and no more REF will be released during 2018.

We have created 4 guides in our blog regarding this:

If you wish to transfer REF to OKEx you only need to follow this guide: Transfer REF to OKEx

If you want to manage your REF in your own Ethereum wallet, you can follow these guides:

  1. Create your own Ethereum Wallet
  2. Transfer REF from
  3. Send REF with
50M REFs is the total supply, only 1M will be in circulation during 2018.

The platform is in prototype stage, with the release of our proof of concept scheduled for Q4 of 2017, the public beta for 2018 and the fully functional platform in 2019.

It solves the ‘chicken and the egg’ problem that faces all startups, investors want to invest in companies with rapid user growth, yet user acquisition is extremely expensive (with costs increasing exponentially). As blockchain dApps start to be released in their thousands an inevitable drive for mainstream user acquisition will ensue (building unicorns takes many millions of users). RefToken will connect developers with the marketers who will promote their app in a risk free deal as affiliates will only be paid on successful user conversion (e.g. a sale, sign up or deposit).

At a lower level RefToken leverages the ethereum platform to solve issues with the incumbent affiliate platforms. These include: affiliate fraud, merchants withholding or delaying commission payments and restrictive conversion requirements.

Backers and investors in projects will always push developers to grow their user base and generate higher revenues. This is often a harsh wakeup call for technology oriented teams who have little experience in marketing and will need to rely on third parties to execute this function.

The core team has decades of experience in online gambling (on both affiliate and casino sides of the fence), RefToken was conceived bottom up as a solution to real world problems that have plagued the industry for the last 15 years, and will prove to be a classic example of blockchain tech providing an elegant solution to an old problem.

REF tokens are used to pay affiliates and fund campaigns. It is not possible to use the platform without buying REFs, ensuring that they have a real-world functional value.

A lot of that additional funding will go to hiring more developers to expedite development. The additional funding will also allow us to add in the following modules to the platform:

  • Super affiliate/MLM management functionality.
  • An inbuilt RTB display ad platform (similar to Google’s AdSense) that will allow users to buy ad space on each other’s sites without a middleman taking the lion’s share of the revenue.
  • Leaderboards & competition module for merchants to incentivise affiliates to promote their brand.
  • Commission splitting to allow affiliates to collaborate (e.g. Affiliate A creates great content, yet is not too adept at generating traffic, whilst Affiliates B is a great SEO & C has a significant social following. Affiliate A will be able to approach B & C to offer them a percentage of the commissions raised if they distribute his. This will be done trustlessly via a smart contract on the platform.
  • A market where freelancers will be able to pick up copywriting, translation, design and video creation gigs in exchange for a share of commissions generated by that content.

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