June Community Update

Dear RefToken Community, Thanks for joining us during another month of exciting development and innovation here at RefToken. We’re pleased to bring you news this month regarding our commitment to development, product release, our ICO platform, and networking developments.

Many of you will be eager to hear news of our upcoming ICO platform. Recently, we have began work on designing, building and delivering a more sophisticated administration area for our ICO clients. To this end, we have made good progress with the integration of fiat payments to the admin area. Likewise, we continue to work with our existing clients to track their ICO affiliates; whilst also implementing a second, more secure tracking layer to improve the security and functionality of our affiliate tracking.

To ensure we meet our development goals, and continue to deliver our vision, we have grown our development team to nine full time developers working on the RefToken project. Three of our previously part-time developers have been given full-time contracts, and we’re delighted to have them here at the RefToken headquarters full-time.

Our developers have currently been working on two landing page layouts which can be used as full templates for our clients ICO pages; which they can use to turn their project into a reality, and launch an ICO using RefToken’s proprietary ICO platform technology. This allows projects working with RefToken to launch an engaging and exciting ICO website to attract participants in a far more streamlined fashion.

Finally, we have some other community news we’re sure you’ll find interesting. Our CTO, Alexander Anter, has been at the TokenMarket Summit in Gibraltar this June, where thought leaders in the blockchain industry came together from across the world to discuss financial regulation, innovations, legislations and tokenomics. A major event in the crypto-calendar, Alex had key discussions with blockchain service providers and projects that could work alongside RefToken to enhance our platform and bring RefToken to new levels.

As always many thanks to you, our community, for joining us through our continued development.

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