May Community Update

Dear Reftoken community

Thanks for your continued involvement on our telegram channel, don’t forget you can also follow our updates on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and also we have a new look Reddit forum where you can discuss all aspects of RefToken.

This month we have some important news to share with you which we know you’ve been waiting to hear. Our first ICO-platform client,, is now running their ICO through our technology. As part of this, we have worked closely with to implement our Cookie-based affiliate tracking into the platform, the first crucial step in tracking affiliates and subsequent conversions. This is a pivotal moment in our continuous development as it allows us to trial our

revolutionary blockchain affiliate tracking technology, and furthermore gives our platform a working use case - a working preview of our plans for many other ICO partners in the future.

To this goal, our ICO-platform will now continue to be improved upon by our growing development team, and we shall be integrating the RefToken affiliate-tracking technology with our ICO-partners as soon as it is ready to ship. This shall enable us to offer our clients affiliate-marketing through the RefToken platform which shall be in clients best interests to utilize as a more cost-effective affiliate tracking tool.

Whilst our development team continues with the next stages of platform development, our business and marketing team is building up a pool of affiliates that are willing to accept REF as payment, so they can be paired with our ICO-clients upon their launch. In this scenario, the ICO-clients shall act as "merchants", therefore allowing us deliver great affiliate tracking features to our ICO-partners, whilst also testing the RefToken platform for it’s later merchant/affiliate dynamic. Our business and marketing team is already hard at work and doing an excellent job of sourcing excellent quality affiliates to sign up to accept RefToken.

The next partnership we have secured is with GANA coin, a revolutionary blockchain and AI project for disrupting the estimated $57 billion dollar legal Cannabis industry, that has announced they will utilize RefToken's affiliate tracking tool to scale its marketing effectively. We look forward to working closely with the GANA team.

All the best,

RefToken Team

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